October Newsletter

Demo team practice: We will be resuming demo team practice in October. The date will be on the 14th of October at 10:00. We will be done by 11:00; however, we will need to move the mats when we are done, so please plan on picking your child up at 11:30.


Promotion Announcements: If you get a testing invitation and it says that you need to schedule testing, I need you to do that as soon as you get the notice. We have had an overwhelming amount of people who have been waiting for the last minute to schedule testing, and then we don’t have room on the calendar for them. Please do not wait!


Belt Displays: We have had a few instances lately at promotion ceremonies where people have told their children to grab their belts even if they do not own a belt display. Our reason for requiring a belt display is that in Japan, the belts that your student has gone through are to be treated with respect. If you do not have a display to keep them in, they end up in a box, or worse, in a toy box. We request that you only keep your child’s belt if you have a display. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Guest Passes: Ms. Lanie has made ninja and basic student guest passes. They are on the shoe cabinet. If you give these out and people sign up for class because of it, you get $50.00. We would rather pay you than the phone book, so grab your passes!


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