Little Ninjas

A dynamic program geared for ages 4-7. This program concentrates on teaching focus and self-control, all while teaching the basics of our style. The kids in this program many times move on to our basic class.

  • I love learning new kicks and more Japanese words.

Brody , 6, Orange Park

  • We are excited about the positive changes we have seen in Josh since beginning karate with you.  The most obvious change has been better concentration and focus.  Even other parents have made comments about his awesome improvement. We are happy with the importance with which Josh views his karate.  This has become very important to him.  The Christian aspect to this endeavor really fits with our family values and how we have always tried to raise our children.  Your instruction and caring are a great blessing to Josh and us.

Suzanne Bennett, parent, Orange Park, FL

  • I have noticed so many positive improvements since Brody began class at AFR. His ability to follow directions has been improved tremendously. I love to see him paying attention and listening. I have also noticed a boost in his confidence level. He is apter now to speak up and take somewhat of a leadership role with peers.

Teresa Neighbors, parent, Middleburg, FL


Basic Classes

Fantastic program geared for children ages 8-adult. This program has been proven to increase your child’s focus, discipline, self-esteem, respectfulness, and responsibility, just to name a few. Martial Arts is also a great way for your child to be able to have the confidence to be able to stand up to bullies. These classes are taught authentically, the way we learned in Japan!

  • The best thing I like about AFR Christian Karate is the fun that I have there!

Landon, 9, Orange Park

  • Since my son started AFR he has shown a willingness to serve, a better temperament, a better attitude, and more self-confidence. I can’t say enough good things I’ve noticed since he started! Chores are being done without having to be asked!!!                                                                                                    Kathy Baker, parent, Jacksonville
  • AFR Christian Karate has been such a blessing. When Logan began taking karate it was at the urging of my parents.  At our first meeting I wasn’t sure Logan would be able to handle such a structured atmosphere.  Right away I was amazed.  Logan’s self-control improved, his attention span increased along with his confidence.  Logan has been a student here for two years and I still see improvement all the time.  Logan doesn’t have his father around so the fact that you provide a positive Christian male role model is truly one of the greatest blessings there is.  You guys do a great thing with these kids and parents like me can’t thank you enough.

 Lisa Mancino, parent, Middleburg

Adult Classes

Our adult students love the fitness aspect of these classes as well as the authentically taught Martial Arts!

  • I have trained for years at (several other martial arts schools in the area). What you have shown me in my first month has made more of a difference in the power I have hitting my heavy bag  than anything I have been taught before.  Why didn’t anyone else ever teach me this?

                                                    Travis Kinlaw, Duval County Sheriff’s Deputy

  • The lessons allow me to focus better at work. Through the exercises I have lost 35 pounds, allowing me to feel better about myself.  I truly enjoy the lessons for our character. I even use them at times in my Sunday school class.  Incorporating the Bible verses in class brings me closer to the Lord.

Jerry Oppel, student/ parent, Orange Park

  • I enjoy sharing a learning experience with my children in such a peaceful and positive environment. I can almost touch my toes! If I can do that, the sky is the limit!

                                   Dr. Cathy Herrington, (Russel Rd Animal Hospital) student / parent, Middleburg



The Finest Martial Arts Instruction in all of Northeast Florida.